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Off we go to France! Amongst the treasures to be found at the spectacular Louvre Museum in Paris are ancient beads and jewelry, like these gold and lapis pieces (2,500 B.C.) in the Near Eastern Antiquities collection. These are displayed on the lower levels of the museum, just like the double pyramids.

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The kind of shop that always has something unique to discover, Beads, Crystals and More offers wonders from around the world. Second photo shows glass, bone and pearl beads bought there a few years ago.

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For over 30 years, Creative Castle has been encouraging beaders and jewelry makers of every level, providing a home and community within their inviting shop, chock-full of delights. They bring in renowned teachers for workshops and offer plenty of instructive lessons by their own talented and helpful staff. (Pictured are some vintage and contemporary pieces purchased there several years ago). Creative

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