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Tinsel Trading

Isn't it lovely when little dreams come true? For many years I a have been dreaming of visiting Tinsel Trading in Manhattan. Established in 1933 by Arch Bergoffen as a purveyor of beautiful trims, fabrics, tassels, embellishments and such, many found in France. The shop was eveventualy inherited by his granddaugher, Marcia Ceppos who has turned Tinsel Trading into an essential resource for artists, designers and makers with her gasp-worthy collection of adorments, ephemera, millinery supplies, tassles, metallic threads, artworks and more based on her grandfather's vast antique and vintage collection I did not see a trip to New York in my immediate future to visit this enchanting place. But then, the fates somehow aligned, and Tinsel Trading moved from Manhattan to Berkeley, California last year, and I was able to attend the grand opening of the shop in it's new location! The photo above only hints at all of the wonderous treasures that can be found here, including a splendid assortment of vintage beads. You must go!

Tinsel Trading

1659 San Pablo Ave.

Berkelely, CA 94702


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