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Yep - that's a snakeskin I am working on for a 3 dimensional snake. I've made three snakes so far, one that is completed (I'd show him to you, but he has slithered off somewhere - will post pick as soon as I find him). The two other work in progress snakes are about 3/4 inches wide will be about 6 to 8 inches long when finished - and they have coils! The fun of making them has been figuring out how to make the coils - and I will post more w.i.p. photos as I move forward. Basically, he is made with peyote stitch using descending sizes of seed beads, from 8 to 15, and then the shape comes about when his skin is stitched togetether. Oh, also he will also be

stuffed, with cotton. Then just add a head and tail and voila! - a serpent.

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