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Delighted to have my beadwork included in this fine exhibition of modern folk art at the WomensWork.Art Gallery in Poughkeepsie, New York. Below is the piece in the show, her name is "Mama", she is about 5 inches tall, and part of a series of figures I have been working on called "WomenFolk". She is beadwoven with contemporary and vintage glass, bone, shell, and metal beads, and her mask is a vintage bone underwear bead(!).

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When you are given the opportunity to sit at the feet of the great artist Rebecca Purcell, you jump on it! I was fortunate to snag a spot in a week-long zoom workshop she presented called "Crafting a Personal Talisman: Object and Image as Portal to the Creative Self" and hosted by Mortal Anatomy in June 2021. A wonderful, heady, transformative experience, I am still swooning with inspiration from it all. Here is a photo of my finished project, made with a mysterious metal key, glass beads, vintage sequin and button, pearl, tiny ruby bead, vintage sari and kimono fabrics, vintage seam binding, silk cording and vintage metallic threads. It rolls up and is bound up to keep the contents safe.

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My "art-sock" submission to The Mending Ground project by Eden Grove Artist in Residence Connie Michele Morley in support of the ancient forests of the Gordon River Watershed in British Colombia, Canada. Morley performed an exhibition on June 1, 2021 with mended socks submitted from artists, hanging them amongst the trees in the ancient forest.

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